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"Meh, not my word. It's the bishops word."

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Sam has taken Kathryn's lap. I can learn to live with that. I'm not going to be jealous of my daughters taking up my wife's time or her attention.

Alyssa has prepared dinner and she said it all on the table, there's a large bowl with mashed potatoes, another with candied carrots, another with sweet peas, she warmed some bread, and platter with her meatloaf. I expected a large flat meatloaf was there is about three inches high by four inches wide by a foot long.

It looks like a traditional meatloaf although little larger. From the look on Johnny's and Joan's faces us is not one of her normal dishes but one she cooks on special occasions.

Johnny says, nde, you made your special meatloaf, I really love it.

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    Yes, but if I am not telling everyone else they have to say so what too, how is that pushing my agenda?

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    What would make this guy even crazier is knowing that yes, you will

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    I've never really seen the need to impose an idealistic version of myself, and seek the idealistic representation of someone else. What's the point in getting any distance in a relationship with someone who's going to back out immediately should they ever actually meet you. I'm not social enough to go out and try and meet people, or, more accurately, I'm simply just not willing to expend the energy it'd take to find someone willing to give me the time of day. And I say that within my preferences. It's easy enough to find someone who'll flirt with me, maybe go out, or hook up, whatever. But I'm simply far too much of an investor in a relationship for that method to ever be suitable for me. I'm not particularly interested in shallow relationships. And as such, I suppose you could say I've just resigned myself to there being a high likelihood that I'll live the remainder of my life alone.

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    Gashura wrote 22.08.2018, 18:27: #4

    That is actually pretty dangerous for you. It can cause you strokes or heart attacks. It can also cause blood clots. When your weight is too low, that is when you go for foods that will add some weight to you, but it is again, about portion control. When my daughter became thin as a rail, she is 5'8" and went below 100 pds? Holy crap, she was having all kinds of medical problems too. Heart skipping beats, severe headaches, even symptoms of deadly rhabdomyolisis, (which is also associated with taking cholesterol lowering statin drugs like lipitor), etc.

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    Arashihn wrote 02.09.2018, 09:26: #5

    He's so cute

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